The pandemic is still a huge challenge for all educational partners in the project GIRA. Many from us are in lockdown or have to face other restrictions that make it pretty challenging to move forward. But we do. Today the steering committee came together digitally for another meeting to recheck where we stand, what are the next steps and how the progress of the project is doing.

We all started locally and delved into the topic.  That works fine even though here pandemic hurdles keep it more difficult. In addition, we developed good ideas for the coming weeks and networked on crucial issues of the overall project. Only transnational meetings remain a big problem. This needs to be checked early in 2021 again. But we started already a “Pool of Resources” on GIRA here on the webpage, a good new development and an ongoing process that has now been established very early in the project.

We all feel strongly committed to the project and are eager to keep on working. But now it’s Xmas time, so work will slow down a bit. But we are back early jn 2021 full of motivation an “on fire”. Stay tuned….