The Europahaus Marienberg is a non-formal European education center in Germany, situated in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, in th rural area of the Westerwald incl. accommodation and full training facilities. The focal point of the work of the non-profit foundation is European education for variuos target groups – national and international participants. The education is implemented in a very innovative way using digital learning, Social Media, interactive learning approaches and the incorporation of arts / cultural learning in political / European education. Founded back in 1951 it is the first Europehouse ever. The Europahaus is partner in many local, nation- and European-wide networks for education and European learning. We have approx. 15-20 persons working here, 2 full time jobs in pedagogy, 2-3 in adminstration and the rest in house service and facility management. There is also a big pool of freelance trainers connetcted to the center.