We work in an ongoing process with lots of activities in our rural areas on green initatives and share all these experiences and learning results online and face-to-face. The Strategic Partnership offers us the opportunity to meet each other and share and work together personally. That is a huge value and pushes the whole learning process and supports the work in this multinational partnership.

During our kick-off phase in the project the steering group set up milestones for the partnership. Our six transnational project meetings were scheduled but the pandamic put everthing upside down. In September 2021 we were abele to implement the first real face-to-face transnational meeting in Greece. The second one was due to happen in janaury 2022 in Sweden but the fourth wave of the corona virus also made this impossible. The meeting was rescheduled to the first quarter of ’22.

Here are the direct links to the different transnational meetings that you find here on this project webpage: