Europahuset Gävleborg is a regional NGO who works with lectures, seminars, study visits, projects and exchange activities, all around the issues of the European Union and Europe in total. We have no employed staff at the moment.
The organization was founded in 1995 and has been running a lot of activities since that in the above mentioned types of activities. During the years up until 2006 the organization was financed by regional authorities and could run many activities every year. Since 2007 we have a very small regional economical support and therefore we only run a few projects every year.
Europahuset was one of the winners of Golden Stars Award 2007 from the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, for the project “The Baltic Adventure – on the roads of enlargement”.
During the last years we have arranged many study visits to Brussels, have been a partner in some EU projects and has been running some seminars in the county every year.
Europahuset has 13 member organizations with a total of about 300.000 individual members themselves (which is more or less all inhabitants in the county of Gävleborg).


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