Die Idee

Origin of the project / activity (country, town, etc.): Mobility is a big issue for elderly people and people who do not own a car. Due to lacking public transport in rural areas they cannot travel freely in their own home region.

Please try to define max. three catchwords that describe your project / activity: Increasing mobility, social connexions and finding a more ecological way to travel by sharing cars.

Specific target group? For whom is the project / activity designed: Everybody but especially for those who do not have car or other means of moving in the close by area.

What is the project about? Short but precise description of the local project / activity: The “Passenger benches” are installed in a region plus a set of plates with different directions. If someone sits on such a bench s/he can also indicate with a plate next to the bench with direction to go or what the preferred destination is. Bypassing cars see this and stop to pick these people up.

Is there anything that needs to be considered if the project / activity is to be copied to another rural area (good practice experience, things that went wrong, etc.):  Once installed it has to be kept in good conditions but is available all year long. One-time cost for benches and the plates with the different direction / destinations. Estimation +/- 1.000,00 €. These things could also be self-made by local citizens to reduce cost.