Get a glimpse of the GIRA-meeting in Rhodes with our Greek partner organization:


Watch the interview with Michael Kavuklis, the president of the House of Europe in Rhodes, to get an idea of the history of Rhodes and understand how it has reached its status today. He’ll also explain how the House of Europe can benefit from the GIRA-project:


The idea of the project and the first day explained by Michael Kavuklis:


Listen to Ewelina Gorecka from the Polish Schuman Foundation based in Warsaw resume the first day and comment on what can be learned from the initiaves seen:


In this short clip for the Francophiles, Marc Miloutinovitch, who works for the Maison d’Europe in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, comments on the mindset of the Rodesian people and their interest in the development of green initiatives and bringing forward the energy transition:


The deputy mayor of economic growth and tourism of Chalky, Vasilis Rozakis, talks about the green goals the municipality has set and why they wish to achieve these aims:


Watch this Rhodesian marine biologist explain the effects of tourism and other circumstances on the fish and how they manage to combine those two supposedly opposing sides:


Let Pauline take you through her learnings on the third day about the special circumstances our Greek partners are facing:


Watch the interview of Marie-Raphaëlle Minier from the Maison d’Europe  explain the importance of the interaction in these transnational meetings made possible by the Erasmus+ programme and what she takes away from this meeting, taking into account the current situation in France:


Hear what Lena Husén from the Swedish Europahuset has to say about her impressions of the meeting in Rhodes and what questions she’ll take home with her:


Watch the interview with Karsten Lucke from the Europahaus in Bad Marienberg (Germany) and learn what he considers to be the importance of the differences between the partner organizations:


In this clip Henk Hijnk from the Dutch organization Learn for Life resumes the programme on the third day and shows his appreciation of the showing of difficulties:


In this Video you can listen to both an interview in Greek and English in the Kaminari village, explaining the history and goal of the ecovillage. Hear the comment on how the environment should still be maintained while doing tourism:


Listen to Michael explain the background of the Kallithea Springs, a unique environmental and cultural venue that is one of the most visited places in Rhodes. A place that shows how local communitites and municipalities can run big programmes in Greek that combines cultural heritage with sustainable development:


Nektarios shows us through the Kallithea Parc and talks about the initiative that connects the needs of students and tourists with environmental education:


The last interview is dedicated to the mission and obstacles faced by an electric car company in Rhodes: