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“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
– Shannon L. Alder 


The topic of climate change can be very frustrating and when only focussing on the facts very harmful in its action potential. Therefore, it is important to share what is already being done, empower rural areas that their stance in this is important because they are essential players in the field of maintaining or even restoring natural resources while already oberserving many of the damages caused by the climate emergency. With ‘GIRA’ we hope to foster civic engagement and show that there are already good examples, where people-led movements have started combatting climate change in their unique way. Every participating rural area – in Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland and Greece – have shown that a variety of different efforts already exist. Feel free to review our transnational project meetings and see what other initiatives might have already begun. Climate change doesn’t stop at borders!

GIRA: Follow our steps via Video!

The French Radio Sensation / TV78 had been following our project from the very beginning, covering all our transnational project meetings, where visits to local stakeholders such as regenerative farms, schools, civil movements and initiatives, circular economy corporations and many more have taken place. The nearly 20min episodes review the project, give insight into the visited sites and include interviews with both participants from all participating countries and the organizations visited.

Published on Youtube on their official channel – see here:

or on our website within each transnational project meeting – see here

you can have a watch and review what GIRA consisted of,  get inspired by international best practice examples and learn about initiatives, policies and  support!

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