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Short description of the project:

Why: In 2015, the municipality of Vaux-sur-Sure, Belgium decided to launch a local rural development programme combined with a sustainable strategy called “Agenda 21”, resulting of a consultation process among the citizens starting in 2011. In each of the 10 villages of the municipality, the local population was gathered, paying attention to achieving a balanced representation of age, gender and profession. As a result, it was decided to set-up a communal building offering more services to the local population and attracting more visitors to the town.

How: The new “Rurality Centre” is constructed at the heart of the village of Vaux-sur-Sure, opposite the municipal administration headquarters. This project was made possible thank you to an efficient collaboration between the elected board and the administrative team, to concretely apply the citizens’ requests. It consists of three main areas:

  • A co-working space, to be managed by the municipality, including a meeting and a digital open space.
  • A tourist office, promoting the local area by displaying the municipality’s tourist sights and attractions.
  • A culture hall, consisting of multiple rooms made to host temporal and permanent exhibitions.

For whom: For the local population to increase its access to culture and communal services, which lacks in the rural areas according to them, as well as for the tourists to have more access to information on the region’s touristic offers.

When: The construction is planned to last two years, from 2018 to 2020.

Costs: Global budget: 1 359 478€

Important other issues: The building is of contemporary design and creates a new architectural landmark for welcoming visitors to the town.