Origin of the project / activity (country, town, etc.):

Poland, Kiszkowo municipality in Greater Poland

Please try to define max. three catchwords that describe your project / activity:

Book, history, publication

Specific target group? For whom is the project / activity designed:

Local leaders, teachers, writers, historians

What is the project about? Short but precise description of the local project / activity:

Project is about realizing publication about history of municipality and surroundings, its habitants for local community. How you can use old tales, myths to bring them alive and create book about identity of your land. Publication present the history of individual villages in the municipality, even some of those that no longer exist. There are the oldest written references about the villages in the region, stories of mansions, parks, local legends. Books preserve the latest history of the region and its cultural heritage, and are both an arresting reading for the local communities and can help them re-establish bonds to their roots, as well as rich source of information for enthusiasts of history and traditions of the Polish countryside and future generations.

Is there anything that needs to be considered if the project / activity is to be copied to another rural area (good practice experience, things that went wrong, etc.):

You can cooperate with your neighbors, relatives and friends to collect all needed materials like old pictures, letters, documents. It’s recommended to engage local authorities to help in realising publication.

Are there more sources available for additional information (website, e-mail-contact, etc.)?: 

Author: Bartosz Krąkowski, krakowskibartosz@wp.pl