Short description of the project: 

Why: The small town of Enns, Austria, is located near Linz, a bigger city full of large shopping centres which leads to a big amount of vacant spaces in Enns’ commercial city centre. Existing businesses are leaving and rental prices are too high. The range of services and products is poor and the customers’ need and expectations can hardly be met, which in turn leaves them no other option but to visit bigger shopping centres. Moreover, many inhabitants regret traditional local retailers and small businesses.

How: In order to offer a changing range of services and products and therefore to increase the number of visitors in the city centre, the concept is to provide possible tenants with a short-term rental option (several days) or a long-term rental option (several months). The combination of these two variants is particularly suitable because the city-centre of Enns offers numerous possibilities for small business concepts. The system is quick to set up and flexible, making it possible to adjust the setting to the needs of the tenant.

For whom: This system profits to both the local population and to small innovative businesses which cannot afford to pay a permanent rent for a shop. This also profits to property owners who are increasingly willing to invest. Both business owners and customers show great satisfaction.

When: The project is set up for a duration of four years, from 2016 to 2019 included.

Costs: Budget of 126 176€, costs unknown

Important other issues: Existing businesses and new shops mutually assist each other by working together and develop professional marketing strategies.