Name of the project / activity:

Kanonholmen Seafood Company

Origin of the project / activity (country, town, etc.):

Sandarne, Söderhamn municipality, Sweden

Please try to define max. three catchwords that describe your project / activity:

Increase the number of tourists in Söderhamn / Hälsingland,  The food is in focus for the visit. Established farm shop with its own processed fish products and other procducts from food producers in the local area.

Specific target group? For whom is the project / activity designed:

Collaboration between food producers for the sale of unique products.

What is the project about? Short but precise description of the local project / activity:

The journey began in the 80s when two brothers started Söderhamns Fisk HB in Sandarne, Söderhamn municipality. They did everything from preparation to buying and selling of fish – among other things they sold pike to France! Today, the business has expanded considerably, as well as their knowledge and passion for what the sea can deliver to our tables.Based on the fact that the number of tourists is increasing in Hälsingland / Söderhamn, a need was identified to offer experiences in a place where the food is the focus of the visit. A furnished farm shop located beautifully by the sea that offers its own refined fish products and products from food producers in the immediate area, and that visitors can get there by boat, car and bicycle was the idea presented in an application to the Leader Group Utveckling Hälsingebygden.Project funds were granted and during the project period the efforts resulted in a furnished farm shop, new products where fish were refined, the purchase of fish from local fishermen (perch, broccoli, herring), food producers (cheeses, marmalades, chark products) who sold their products in the store and collaborations with a bike club and boat club nearby where they got tailor-made ”custody stops” at Kanonholmen with simple lunch / coffee. During their first summer of 2018, they had 20,000 visitors (according to cash register) and on the payroll there were 5 people, a total full-time job during the year.

Is there anything that needs to be considered if the project / activity is to be copied to another rural area (good practice experience, things that went wrong, etc.):

After the project period, the company has expanded its own range and increases the number of local food producers who deliver products to the farm shop.In collaboration with the Archipelago unit at the Municipality, they have marked a fairway and built a pier with room for more boats in connection with the farm shop.They have built out part of the farm shop to a café / restaurant that can offer simpler dishes.In collaboration with other companies in the tourism sector, they have developed experiences where a visit to the farm shop is included.

Are there more sources available for additional information (website, e-mail-contact, etc.)?:

Magnus Schlömer +4670-3089992 email: