“Le cabaret du bout des prés” – The cabaret at the end of the meadows

Origin of the project / activity (country, town, etc.): Five years ago, Tony Bastian (singer and trumpeter) and Amandine Bouillat (dancer) decided to create “Le cabaret du bout des prés”. It took two years of work to transform an old stable into a performance venue. During the 2017-2018 season, 50 performances were given and 6,000 spectators were welcomed. This figure is up by 23% every year.

The cabaret's "Légend'airs" show

Please try to define max. three catchwords that describe your project / activity: Participating in local life, bringing entertainment to the countryside, attracting people from the city.

Specific target group? For whom is the project / activity designed: Most of the spectators come from Paris, or from the local district (Yvelines). The majority of the clients is aged between 35 and 54 years old.

What is the project about? Short but precise description of the local project / activity: A varied offer: “Le cabaret du bout des prés” offers 5 different shows, all produced by professionals. Offering several shows is proof that we know how to renew ourselves, to ensure that we can build customer loyalty by giving them opportunities to return. A spectator can come several times and attend a different show each time. The cabaret is located in Cernay-la-ville in the department of Yvelines, 25 kilometres away from Versailles and Tony and Amandine proposed to set up a free shuttle bus going from Paris to the cabaret. 

Is there anything that needs to be considered if the project / activity is to be copied to another rural area (good practice experience, things that went wrong, etc.): 

  • To attract a local clientele, Tony and Amandine called on a press agent and a sales representative, who worked to promote the cabaret locally.
  •  A versatile team to limit costs: catering and service are provided by a caterer. Dancers are professionals.  Amandine, dancer, is also the choreographer of the shows. She also takes care of the costumes (nearly 300 pieces) that she has partly created and sewn. She has to manage the technique, just like Tony, who is at the same time a singer, sound engineer etc.
  •  “Le Cabaret du bout des prés” also organizes private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or corporate events.

Are there more sources available for additional information (website, e-mail-contact, etc.)?: