Name of the project / activity:

Hackathon Boijl

Origin of the project / activity (country, town, etc.):

Boijl, Weststellingwerf, Holland

Please try to define max. three catchwords that describe your project / activity:

Inspire / leave young resident

Specific target group? For whom is the project / activity designed:

Target group: citizens of our Village, special young citizens

What is the project about? Short but precise description of the local project / activity:

Village Boijl organized a twelve-hour Hackathon to get an answer to the question: “how can we participate in the aging of our village.” In five teams of seven, young people, experts and creatives set to work on a concrete plan at the end of the day.

Is there anything that needs to be considered if the project / activity is to be copied to another rural area (good practice experience, things that went wrong, etc.):

Make a good video impression of the day, It’s good for the week after. Good preparation of the day (3 months) and also a good preparation for composing groups.

Are there more sources available for additional information (website, e-mail-contact, etc.)?: