How to measure success/failure, tools and ways for evaluation, transparency of the learning or the activity

Evaluation on various target groups (e.g. participants, educators, trainers, local authorities)

Using various tools:

  • forms
  • animator-led experience evaluation (record the feeling)
  • reporting
  • exhibition / blogs / experience articles
  • Self-evaluation: monitor the planning and implementation.
  • A combination of open, public and anonymous evaluation
  • Experts evaluation (evaluation by external auditors like public servants, academics, specialist)
  • Reports by non-related people
  • Usability of the manual by other NGO’s, institutions and authorities on local, regional, national levels.
  • Define a time-period for executing evaluation
  • Key metrics on the web ( Facebook and other social media likes, reach and response,  Website traffic analysis, material downloads, Audience contact)
  • Positive impact on the organization status
  • Audience acceptance.