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Movie impressions from 1st transnat. meeting in France

Movie impression from Poland- 4th transnat. meeting

Movie impression from Greece – 3rd transnat. meeting

Steering committee is active and (net)working

It’s the heart of the project – our steering committee consisting of all project partner. We think it is a good sign for an active project that the committee is regularly in contact, having Skype meetings, documenting everything in written minutes etc. By the turn of the year we will go to the final phase of the project. We still have two transnational meetings in 2019 and the writing of the manual has already started. That’s good progress.

We are looking forward to the things that will come. We are ready and very confident that we will finish the project accroding to our aims. See u all in 2019.



READ IT made it to French radio – great!

Our project gets more and more attention as loacal activites and PR are increasing. Today we can present a radio coverage from France about READ IT. Have fun listening to Marie 😉


Getting attention – Sweden promotes Strategic Partnership @ Europeday

A public activity in Sweden for the promotion of our project  on the 8th of May.
We ”occupied” the hall of the municipal hall in the community of Ljusdal, up north in the county, to give information of our project and about our Europe House. We met around 75 intrested people during 2 hours. In the photos is Hasse and a representiv, Lena Husen, from ”All o Sweden shall live”. We had meetings and contact with people who will be engaged in the meeting in Sweden. Very productive.

The next big step… video conferencing

The strategic partnership continues its work. After the kick-off and many local activities to get the basics for the work in the partnership “READ IT” held its first big interim video conference to inform about the development in the different countries and to check the latest preparations for the first transnational meeting in France in March 2018.

The results look very promising. Local citizens could be involved in the project and networks are established. The French partner was very busy with setting up the programme and agenda for the transnational meeting in Paris. Now, the partnership is step by step filled with live and after all the formal preparations we can really start with work on content, rural areas and active citizens – great.

READ IT goes “social” – Facebook and Instagram

If you like reading, this web page is billiant for you. But if you also like to stay informed more quickly and in different ways you may also use the Social Media applications for this project. You can either follow the project on Facebook or if you love pics you may follow our Instagram account. Have fun! Continue reading

A glimpse of “project history”

“A European project” – that sound like a hell of work and it is but it is also super interesting and exciting: sharing new ideas, gaining new experiences, meeting new people and having new perspectives – all that is included. Today we received a glimpse into our project history prepared by our French partner. Continue reading

Erasmus+ Strategic Parternership “READ IT” – Kick-off

It has started already officially back at September 01st 2017 – the Strategic Partnership “Rural European Association Development Innovation Team. READ IT – Active citizens in rural areas”.  As usual after our application was approved by the German National Agency for ERASMUS+ “NA BIBB – Bildung für Europa” we had to start with many formal things and get accquainted to the dimension of European projects and how they are implemented – many partners do such a Strategic Partnership for the very first time. Hell of a work but exciting and interesting. Continue reading

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