On the 26th of April run a seminar about European interaction as a part of the project Green Initiatives in Rural Areas, GIRA.

The seminar had two experts to give knowledge and inspiration about possibilities with common projects in Europe.

Staffan Nilsson, a former member of EU:s Economical and Social committee, EESK, chairman of the organization Rural Sweden and also former chairman of European Rural Communities Alliance talked about what has been done and can be done for local development when you come together in European collaboration. Staffan gave examples from out of Europe including the start of “Rural Europe” which is a gathering that now has been done 4 times.

Karsten Lucke, vice chairman of European Network for Education and Training, EUNET, working at the Europahaus Marienberg and leader of many EU projects talked about different projects that he and EUNET has been involved in. For example, he mentioned a youth project called Camp Democracy which gave young people from Germany, Romania, Greece and Sweden a possibility to meet and discuss their ideas for the future. Another project he mentioned was READ IT, a project regarding rural development where engaged adults from 6 countries had meetings and learned from each other. Karsten gave focus on the possible of personal development you have as a participant in projects but also the organizational development that comes with collaborating in European project.


The seminar in April had 14 participants and Europahuset Gävleborg will run a second seminar at the end of May. That seminar will include knowledge about the work within the Committé of Regions in EU and about new possibilities in the framework of EU-funded projects and Swedish national funding of projects.