The pandemic is still blocking a lot of our planned activities in GIRA and is holding us back to dig deeper into the topic. But European education collaboration can be creative. The steering committee again came together to check on ongoing activities and planned new ones.

There was recently an online conference on the “Future of Food” that was attended by project partners. Another event is being planned in Poland. Local activities are underway in many project countries even though still with reduced speed. In Sweden a webinar is planned just for the end of April on local European cooperation and Green Deal. We hope we can still bring all these activities soon in physical meetings together.

Moreover the committee decided to have another deepening kick-off into the topic of the “European Green Deal”. A Zoom conference with an expert form the EU Commission speaker team “TEAM Europe” is planned for mid-May.

Also the design work on the final logo is coming to en end. Different versions are now produced for the future dissemination of the project.