It has started already officially back at September 01st 2017 – the Strategic Partnership “Rural European Association Development Innovation Team. READ IT – Active citizens in rural areas”.  As usual after our application was approved by the German National Agency for ERASMUS+ “NA BIBB – Bildung für Europa” we had to start with many formal things and get accquainted to the dimension of European projects and how they are implemented – many partners do such a Strategic Partnership for the very first time. Hell of a work but exciting and interesting.

We had the chance to meet in mid-October in Budapest to clarify and answer all the open questions. We went through such a huge agenda but managed in the end to set up a clear and transparent strategy for our future work. With tons of homework we all got back to our home countries. Now we move on, step by step, going online today with our website to be transparent also to the public and to give the opportunity to see what happens in our project, follow the developments and participate in one way or another.

General information about the project that last until  August 31st 2019 can be found here (just click).

If you want to find out about the project partner go here. (just click)

This website will grow throughout our learning process making experiences as well as best practices available and useable. Come back from time to time and check out what is going on or register for e-mail alert just on the right side of the webpage. Stay tuned!